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Findapub for Publicans
Findapub has been developed to allow publicans time to have a presence on the Web. Findapub offers an opportunity for licensees to quickly establish there premises on the Internet with out the need to learn how to produce a web site. The site offers each and every one of you the ability to upload photographs, details of facilities and forthcoming events that is your business. Introductory offers mean its yours for less than 1.00 a week.
Findapub for Customers
Findapub enhances the power of the web to offer browsers the opportunity to seek out a pub, hotel, cafe or restaurant. You may be looking for a venue to hold a function or meeting in a specific area or searching for an event on a particular day in your locality. Recognising the facility membership clubs offer in a community we have ensured they can be included too, access to this is FREE.
The licensing Act 2003 has now been with us for over 12 months do you have any experiences good or bad as a result, please let us know.
We would be particularly interested in any decisions of the Licensing committee or details of any appeal hearing judgements.
Thank You

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